Bee Counted FAQ

General questions about Bee Counted
Who can use Bee Counted?
Anyone can use Bee Counted for research or just because you're curious. You're welcome to use it as often as you'd like.
How much does Bee Counted cost ?
There is no cost for using Bee Counted, and we encourage you to share the information. However, if you do share or republish the information you find here, you are required to state the information came from Bee Counted, both legally, and as a courtesy.
Isn't this data private ?
No, this information is available to the public to share and learn from, contributing to better bee health for years to come.

Bee Counted does comply with all legal State and Federal warrants for access to our data.
Who runs Bee Counted ?

Bee Counted is run by a small team out of Boston, and mutualy shares data with other services that collect honeybee hive data for research purposes.
Where does the data for this site come from ?
Data for this site comes from which gets a majority of its hive data from BroodMinder devices. If you're a beekeeper, and would like to share your apiary's information with the public to enhance scientific understanding of honeybees, please purchase a BroodMinder Citizen Science kit from BroodMinder and upload your data to